A home purchase is a significant Investment. Cabin Fever Realty is dedicated to representing you, the Buyer Exclusively, during this important decision.

This is because an Exclusive Buyers Agent only serves the homebuyer, and focuses their expertise on the buyer’s needs and concerns.

Advantages of using an Exclusive Buyer Agent:

Advantages of using an Exclusive Buyer Agent:

  • Your buying strategy and budget will be kept confidential
  • Protecting your best interests is always our top priority
  • We’re here to educate you about market conditions and the home buying process
  • We will provide price comparisons and protect you from over-paying for a home
  • We negotiate exclusively on your behalf, we NEVER represent sellers

While many real estate agents claim to be “buyer agents” not all buyer agents are Exclusive Buyer Agents. There is a difference:

Any real estate agent can call themselves a “buyer agent” and provide basic home search and showing appointment services. They make promises like “helping you find your dream home.” They are not restricted to one client type or the other. In practice, they usually represent sellers. Here’s a simple test: Ask a prospective “buyers agent” if they (or the agency they work for) take listings. If the answer is yes, they are not an Exclusive Buyers Agent.

Some agents work for brokerages that practice dual agency or “designated agency.”

If a “buyer agent” gives you a dual agency disclosure, they’re not representing you!

Cabin Fever Realty is your Exclusive Adirondack Buyers’ Guide from start to close in your home search.